Custom Learning

Tailor-made learning for all ages and needs, with the possibility of attending courses: at the Music Schools where I teach, on Online platforms such as Skype, Zoom.., at my private studio equipped for every need.


Chitarra Learning

Individual vs Collective?

Compared to the classic massification of the school offer with relationships that reach up to 30 to one, the advantage of an individual relationship allows the student to learn according to his / her needs and attitudes, while respecting a correct pedagogy.

Uomo che gioca chitarra

Course for everyone?

Each of us can learn to play an instrument.
Often what we have to do is learn to study, only through a "custom learning" the teacher or perhaps better to call him "tutor", is able to optimize the flow of information that a student can and must digest.

Estate Music Performance

The secret is to get involved

In more than twenty years of music teaching, I have had students of all ages and skills. From the youngest and most rowdy, to the adults full of reflections for each note they played. Some of them are now musicians, some play only as a hobby and someone else has understood that it was only a passing infatuation. The nice thing is that everyone tried to get involved, in an era where everything must be perfect, to be able to discover yourself by understanding virtues and limits, is priceless!

Warm Up on the Beach

Wellness and Improvements for body and mind

Playing an instrument has a double advantage. Strengthens the mind and body. International Studies now certify an increase in the Intellectual Quotient of those who study music. Playing an instrument means discipline, if the word scares you, we can call it routine. Everything we do from birth is routine. Through the constant repetition of melodies, scales, chords, songs ... body and mind assimilate movements and concepts and solidify them in the subconscious. Alzheimer's patients can remember melodies assimilated even 60/70 years earlier with incredible ease, demonstrating that music is a universal and timeless art. With music we try to learn a new language, activating those neurological processes that are still studied today by the most illustrious universities in the world.

Nero Parti di puzzle

The study of music seen as a puzzle

The course will be divided into topics or subjects. Being "Custom" learning, each student has a different path, while respecting a common thread (core). The subjects are chosen on the basis of what the student needs, also following his interests. Imagine a puzzle, you can start from the center, from the edge or from a fragment of the image, whatever path is chosen to see the complete image of the puzzle we should join all the tiles. What if a pupil doesn't want to see the puzzle finished? maybe because he just wants to learn to accompany himself while singing songs? The beauty of music is that there are no impediments or rules other than the ones we give ourselves.

Usato Book Shop

Continuing education

The teaching material that I use is constantly updated and expanded. Since I believe in "Continuing Education", I have never stopped studying. After 30 years dedicated to music, the material available to students is very vast, if I had to mention a few series that I would use I would say: Hal Leonard, Berklee Press, MI Press, Berben, Volontè, Alfred, Aebersold, Lizard and many many others.



These are the subjects we will discuss. We don't have to touch them all. As said, it depends on your interest and the time you have available ...

Image by 张 学欢


Or the art of accompanying the soloist or singer. All modern and classic musical styles will be addressed starting from the basics, up to the correct execution of the guitar parts that form a song.

Drums Sticks


In music 60% is rhythm. When using words like groove or shooting, in most cases it is called rhythm. Consider what the drummer does with his instrument and imagine applying it on the guitar. We will study the rhythm with chords, notes, scales and melodies.

Image by Herry Sucahya


The guitar is one of those instruments that can also be played with your teeth !!! (see Jimi Hendrix). To avoid going to the dentist, we will face the study of the various types of techniques invented in recent centuries. Scale, Pattern, Licks, Solos and compositions will guide you.

Sheet Music Close Up

Melodic reading

For all students who have faced (with desire) a first basic reading path, up to the fifth fret of the guitar, there is the possibility of reading up to the last available fret. For those studying classical guitar it may be obvious "Knowing how to read", but for everyone else it is not. Those who can read music well jokingly say "If you want to turn off a guitarist, have them read a part with notes !!!".

Image by Jake Noren

Theory & Harmony

Studying certain genres of music, especially those where improvisation is the master, require solid harmonic knowledge. Unlike only oral courses, we will put each topic directly into practice. The idea is to shorten the gap that often exists between those who study theory on the piano and those who do it on the guitar.

Image by Caio Silva


Improvising is like talking. A child begins to open his mouth without knowing how to read or write, mostly using imitation as a learning method. Growing up the child will add information received from teachers, books and life experiences that will increase the lexicon and depth of the speeches made. Improvising in music is like speaking. Musical genres such as classical, blues, jazz, rock, etc ... have developed different connotations and often the genres have merged with each other over time. We will try to learn to play and improvise in as many styles as possible.


Electronics & Guitar Effects

Electronics added colors and shades to the guitar. We will study the various effects that have depopulated in the various decades of contemporary music. We will learn to register with the computer / tablet and to understand the various most used software (Daw) as well as the various techniques used for microphone recording. Still not enough? So why not build a pedal effect? Nowadays it has become very easy ...



English lessons for those who want. At the same price as the normal ones, incredible right? We will leave the grammar at home, carrying only what we need to gradually eliminate the embarrassment.


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