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Roberto Colussi, musician and teacher


Some info about me

I have always known that I wanted to become a musician and guitar teacher. I can't think of anything else in life that could give me so many satisfactions.


I have been a professional guitarist for over twenty years. With the artists I work with, I try to always give my best. Often you must be able to be ready in a short time and with the utmost professionalism, this is one of the reasons why the Artists call me.


I also try to convey my side as a musician to the students, so that they are always motivated and understand the usefulness of the path followed. I have never stopped studying, trying to constantly expand the didactic material available for students. I have been teaching since 2000 and I firmly believe that anyone who invests time and willpower in exercising can achieve excellent results.



My goal is to give the right information to the pupils, but also to make sure that they have fun and feel free from any kind of pressure and judgment. Are you looking for individual lessons? Or do you prefer to be part of a class? Do you want to do them in a music school? At my studio? Or Online? I don't think money should have the power to interfere with learning: this is why I offer a series of affordable lessons and have been collaborating with various music schools in Friuli for many years. Contact me to find out more about my experience, my lessons and my method.

Nero Parti di puzzle

The study of Music seen as a puzzle?

The course will be divided into topics or subjects. Being "Custom" learning, each student has a different path, while respecting a common thread (core). The subjects are chosen on the basis of what the student needs, also following his interests. Imagine a puzzle, you can start from the center, from the edge or from a fragment of the image, whatever path is chosen to see the complete image of the puzzle we should join all the tiles. What if a pupil doesn't want to see the puzzle finished? maybe because he just wants to learn to accompany himself while singing songs? The beauty of music is that there are no impediments or rules other than the ones we give ourselves.

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Improvising is like talking. A child begins to open his mouth without knowing how to read or write, mostly using imitation as a learning method. Growing up the child will add information received from teachers, books and life experiences that will increase the lexicon and depth of the speeches made. Improvising in music is like speaking. Musical genres such as classical, blues, jazz, rock, etc ... have developed different connotations and often the genres have merged with each other over time. We will try to learn to play and improvise in as many styles as possible.


Individual vs Collective?

Compared to the classic massification of the school offer with relationships that reach up to 30 to one, the advantage of an individual relationship allows the student to learn according to his / her needs and attitudes, while respecting a correct pedagogy.

"... simple and sophisticated at the same time and effective both in very intense suns and in accompaniment ..."

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