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He works as a teacher and professional musician since 2000, ranging in different styles of music: classical, latin, jazz, rock, funk and gospel. He plays like touring musicians for renowned stars and crews from Italy, Europe and U.S.



Since 2019 is working with the singer Stefano Dall'Armellina.

Since 2018 is playing with Playa Desnuda e Twc. In the 2018 with Playa Desnuda played as resident band at Rototom Festival in Spain comping artist from all over the world. In 2019 for the "Ready, Steady, Pops!" anniversary played with Roy Paci at the Blessound Festival.

Since 2013 is working with the Novara Gospel Festival playing with JT Band Jason Thompson, Wayne Ellington, Michelle John (Eric Clapton), Faye Simpson, Audrey Mattis, Lurine Cato (Mobo Awards), Israel J Allen (Uk X-Factor), Myron Butler & Levi (Grammy Award and Stellar Award American), Isaac Simpson (Grammy and Glass Awards), Michael Stuckey (Glass awards), Richard Hartley (Michael Jackson, Mariah Carey) e con il coro Novara Gospel Choir di Paolo Viana

From 2009 to 2018 worked actively with the Alessandro Pozzetto and Rudy Fantin playing for the FVG Gospel Choir.

Since 2010 is workings with choirs all over the Italy like Colours of Gospel, Messengers Mass Choir, River Mass Choir, Italian Gospel Choir and many others.

With this Choirs he played with different stars like Karima, Cheryl Porter, Sherrita Duran, Cedric Shannon Rives & High Praise Gospel Singers , Malik Young, Stefanie R. Minatee, Nick the Nightfly, Donald Lawrence (Grammy Award), Ty Le Blanc, Charlie Cannon.

Since 2006 is an active member of Quinteto Porteño, wonderful crew that ranges from tango to jazz. Quinteto has released four cds "Decarísimo" (Assowhat) ,"Desiderata" and "Rinascimento" (Alfamusic / Egea). Last Cd "Quinteto Porteño with Strings" was recorded live for for the 10th anniversary of the group with the String Orchestra Arrigoni (Birdland Sounds).

From 2008 to 2009 was an active member of 'Induo Jazz Q.tet" with Donatella Gorasso, Luca Colussi and Simone Serafini. The band incorporates classical pieces and contemporary jazz mixed with Latin rhythms all rearranged for the quartet.

In 2007 played briefly with Phonica rock band from Venice. With Phonica he shared the stage with Stadio and Sugar Free. With the band he played at Mei Faenza for the label 1st Pop.

From 2006 to 2009 works closely with Maria Dal Rovere (Luce Pitteri, Magris, Striscia La Notizia ...) in the project "Maria Live Band". The band ranges easily from Funk to Latin treading many stages: from the clubs to the biggest squares in Italy.

Always with the Maria Live Band and choir directed by Paul Jeffrey Angela Milanese played at the auditorium of the Leonardo da Vinci San Dona di Piave (Ve) for "The poet of Italian music" of the Teatro dei Pazzi in honor of lyricist Mogol (Battisti). Eventually Mogol invited those present to Cet, music school he founded in Umbria. The evening is produced the DVD "Il Poeta della Musica Italiana."

With Maria Live Band had the chance to play with Manuela Panizzo (Gianluca Mosole, Cece Rogers, Courtney Pine ...), Vittoria Hyde (X-factor), Antonio Torella (Company Rancia).

Since 2006, accompanying singers, soloists and choir directed by Elena Camerin and Angela Milanese for the Music School Paul Jeffrey directed by Fiorella Ventinelli.

From 2006 to 2009 worked at the singing contest "Il Mio Canto Libero" for the CEM of Pordenone.

From 2005 until 2007 he collaborated with the Big Band of Pordenone directed by Jury Dal Dan. With the Big Band will take part in the recording session of the Cd "Africa Personale".

In 2004 he collaborated with drummer Ermes Ghirardini in the project "Uncommon People" from which was released the Cd "Schiume".

From 2000 to 2003 he worked with Latin LLamarada. The group is dedicated entirely to Latin American music. The band played at the Music in Village Festival sharing the stage with Tribà.

Started young to play Live(1995) with Issamana and Jammin 'Groove in clubs and festivals. At that time he had the opportunity to share the stage with Nicolò Fabi, Max Gazzè, Prozac + and Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti.


He has released the following productions:

  • Ghirardini quartet "Schiume" (Cd)
  • Quinteto Porteño "Decarísimo" (Cd)
  • Jury From Dan "Africa Personale" (Cd)
  • "The poet of Italian music" (DVD) with Mogol
  • "Jazz & Wine Exclusive Groove" (CD Compilation)
  • Symphony Orchestra Fvg "Molinari op.3" (DVD) - recorded at the Teatro Verdi in Pordenone
  • Quinteto Porteño "Desiderata" (Cd)
  • The Colours of Gospel "Holy Ghost Crazy Colours" (Cd)
  • Fvg Powerful Gospel Chorale "Concert for the New Year" (DVD) - recorded at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine
  • Fvg Powerful Gospel Chorale "A Light On The Sea" (DVD) - featuring Sherrita Duran & Alessandro Pozzetto
  • River Gospel Mass Choir "Praise the Lord" (Cd)
  • FVG Gospel Choir "Par Furlan" (Cd)
  • Quinteto Porteño "Rinascimento" (Cd Alfa Music/Egea) FVG Gospel Choir
  • FVG Gospel Choir Tribute to Kirk Franklin (CD / DVD recorded at the Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine..)
  • FVG Gospel Mass Choir "The Mass Message" (Cd Angel Wings Studios)
  • Fvg Powerful Gospel Chorale "Live @ Teatro Nuovo Giovanni da Udine" (Cd Angel Wings Studios)
  • The Colours of Gospel "Colours Inside" (Cd)
  • Quinteto Porteño "Quinteto Porteño with Strings" (Cd Birdland Sounds)

Over the years he played in different groups including:

  • Issamana
  • Jammin’ Groove
  • Latin Llamarada
  • Queen of the Diamonds
  • Quartetto Ghirardini
  • Quinteto Porteño
  • Maria's Live Band
  • Phonica
  • Big Band di Pordenone
  • Imp.Act
  • Nu Jazz Quartet
  • InDuo Jazz Q.tet
  • Agatha
  • Base Side Band
  • Fvg Gospel Choir
  • Fvg Gospel Mass Choir
  • The Colours of Gospel
  • River Gospel Mass Choir
  • Alessandro Pozzetto & Soul Vibes
  • Orchestra Sinfonica del Friuli Venezia Giulia
  • Powerful Gospel Corale
  • Alessandro Pozzetto & Gold Tracks
  • Italian Gospel Choir
  • Soul Mates
  • Jason Thompson Band
  • Cinzia Canta Mina
  • Fvg Gospel Choir and Rtv Slovenian Orchestra
  • Playa Desnuda e Twc


Since 1995 he had the opportunity to collaborate with a variety of personalities including:

Vox: Donald Lawrence, Isaac Simpson, Myron Butler & Levi, Chelsea West, Deonis Cook, Audrey Mattis, Richard Hartley, Michelle John, Faye Simpson,Wayne Ellington, Malik Young, Israel J Allen,Caroline Henry, Carol Bertogal, Stefanie R. Minatee, Nick the Nightfly, Lurine Cato, Israel J Allen, Sherrita Duran, Cheryl Porter, Cedric Shannon Rives & High Praise Gospel Singers,Roy Paci,Stefano Dall'Armellina, Maria Dal Rovere, Alessandro Pozzetto, Angela Milanese, Elisa Aramonte, Michela Grena, Serena Finatti, Lorena Favot, Donatella Gorasso, Vittoria Hyde, Manuela Panizzo, Antonio Torella, Silvia Marchesan, Elsa Martin, Laura Battel, Clara Rivieri, Rodolfo Vitale...

Drums/Percussions:Garren Smith, Jonathon Rodney, Jesse J. Grant, Paolo Prizzon, Luca Colussi, Andrea Pivetta, Simone Gerardo, Mattia Martincigh,Ermes Ghirardini, Alessandro Truccolo, Riccardo Quagliato, Massimo Manzi, Stefano Palaferri, Nevio Basso, Alex Poletto ,Pablo de Biasi, Papa Luciani, Gianpaolo Listo, Moreno Buttinar, Deni Vian, Stefano Rigato,Tomas Keffel , El Puma, Vladi Boscolo, Angelo Pighin, Max Nicoletti, Oscar Vernier, Alessandro Mansutti, Matteo Ramuscello, Jacopo Zanette...

Bass: Arran Powell, Dwaine Johnson, Aaron Thomas, Lello Gnesutta, Alessandro Turchet, Gigi Todesca, Andrea Lombardini, Piero Cescut, Simone Serafini ,Romano Todesco , Frantz Unterpicker, Mariano Pino, Brux,Federico Mistè, Luca Amatruda, Stefano Panizzo, Gianfranco Ciuffreda, Gianni Regeni, Giovanni Gorgoni...

Guitar : Marcello Salcuni, Alessandro Tempesta, Francesco Tizianel, Luigi Pelissetti, Cesare Coletti, Luka Udjbinac, Mozo Marko, Alberto Milani, Davide Mastrangelo...

Piano :E.Dwaine Draine, Ainsley Johns, Jason Thompson, Emlyn Maillard, Marco Petrusiĉ, Rudy Fantin,Daniele Martin, Nicola Bottos, Paolo Corsini, Daniele Labelli, Jury Dal Dan, Gianpaolo Rinaldi, Ivan Zuccarato, James Williams, Michele Bonivento, Luca Zanon, Giovanni Molaro.

Violin: Simone D'Eusanio, Davide Albanese, Tatiana Bolotova, Nicola Mansutti, Orchestra D'Archi Arrigoni, Slovenian Rtv Orchestra, Udine Orchestra.

Brass & Reeds: Beppe di Benedetto,Luca Calabrese, Nevio Zaninotto ,Federico Missio, Lorenzo Marcolina, Piergiorgio Caverzan, Stefano Gajon, Corrado Zanetti, Francesco Minutello, Slovenian Rtv Orchestra, Udine Orchestra.

Accordeon : Nicola Milan, Manabu Hiyama...



In 1997 he enrolled at the Conservatory of Klagenfurt. In 2003 he obtained a bachelor's degree in Jazz and Pop guitar under the guidance of prof. Guido Jeszensky acquiring the title of "Master".

In parallel he attend classical guitar course with prof. Helmut Weinhandl getting an advanced diploma.

Inside the conservatory had the opportunity to study with Harald Neuwirth, Lee Harper, Erich Bachtraegl, Heinz Von Herman, Andreas Mittermeier, Uli Langthaler.

In addition to internal studies at the conservatory attended seminars or private lessons with Jim Hall, Tuck Andress, David Becker, Bruce Becker, Scott Cooley, Philip Catherine, Kenny Wheeler, John Taylor, Agostino Di Giorgio, Christian Havel, Bruno Cesselli, Tolo Marton, Fabio Zeppetella, Andrea Allione, Glauco Venier, Paolo Giordano, Davide Mastrangelo, Gabriele Mirabassi, Bebo Ferra, Peter Helbolzeimer, Norma Winstone, Judy Niemack, Thomas Walsh, Luke Gillespie, Bobby Shew.


As a Teacher of Music taught or teach:

since 1999 private lessons in his studio and online

since 2018 at Istituto Vendrami Pordenone

since 2003 at I.M.P. Aviano

since 2003 at the L' arte della musica of Zoppola

since 2009 at the Community Center 31Fss USAF Aviano

from 2009 to 2015 at Play School of Pordenone

since 2003 regularly holds workshops at private and public entities

from 2000 to 2009 at the C.E.M. Pordenone

from 2002 to 2003 at Philharmonic Maniago